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Intelligent,ANC and 3D sound effects

Humanized detail design

Supporting by Coolhear 3D APP

Experience for COOLHEAR 3D

Provide 3D sound for music , game, VR .

Coolhear 3D APP support 360°holographic Sound.


Better reflect the unique sound chamber design and music performance,with real de-noising environment really immersed sound field experience for you.

ANC and unique sound chamber design achieve the 360°sound range and real-time changes ,to bring the best interactive music experience for you.


Effectively remove the environmental noise from aircraft, cars, high-speed rail and others , Always keep your healthy hearing.

Under high quality sound, COOLHEAR AIR3 provides excellent active noise reduction performance, headphones to reduce the noise high to 25dB or more, noise reduction bandwidth of 20Hz ~ 1KHz. Effectively remove the environmental noise from aircraft, cars, high-speed rail and others , Always keep your healthy hearing.

Support by owned patented technology,Chinese creation, leading around the world.

To ensure that matching the noise reduction headsets, reduce vertigo because of noise imbalance causing.


First-rate audio analysis capabilities, especially in the low-mid-frequency performance. The low frequency is the owner VIP channel to get the maximum reduction.

40mm selected speaker unit: The larger the caliber of SPK, the better to restore the bass,in the same brand.

Stable Architecture of Electromagnetic coil : intermediate frequency is more excellent than ordinary units.

Reproducing the low frequency by the unique box- type design: Designed to furthest reproduce and show the low frequency of the music through cancelling the environmental noise.

Anti - high frequency high frequency Electronic interference Filter:
The anti-interference filter: Resisting interference of high frequence and electromagnetism in order to create a peaceful environment for enjoying music.

He drive power with heavy current and the single-end amplification circuit: Keep the timbre of music clear and beautiful by minimizing distortion of circuits.

User-friendly detail design

It will be no dizzniness and discomfort when you listen to music and play games for a long time.


The shell of Aircraft-grade aluminum and Totating axle: light, wear-resisting, the high strength toughness.

The system of passive self-driven cooling: It can be heat dissipation quickly,and solve the problem of cover ears when wearing for a long time.


Slowly reboun sponge earmuffs core: no toxicity ,no allergies touch your skin anytime. Soft for your ears.forced to alleviate discomfort.

ear-cap of protein leather : it`s very comfortable because of the soft material and closer to the skin touch.

Intelligent,ANC and 3D sound effects

Chargeable lithium battery:600mAH.

iPhone Power display:
It will display the power of headset on the phone,just support iPhone.When the battery power is lower than 3.6V, power of bluetooth display is 20% synchronously one the phone.

Edge charging function :support Edge charging function.You need charge the headset when it`s completely no electricity.

Tips of low-voltage and
shutdown by low-voltage

Red light:
work,low power(the power below 3.6V).

Light Off:
Power OFF; Power ON, Power exhausted (power exhausted power below 3.4V)

Green light ON:
on work.

Multi-color optional